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The Outlook for Emerging Market BondsEmerging market bonds exhibit high real yields and improving credit quality. In addition, emerging market currencies are likely to strengthen. This article explains why emerging market bonds issued in local currencies might be a solid addition to a diversified portfolio.
Pricing Fine Wines and Common StocksHistorical prices reveal that the emotional return from investing in wine is quantifiable, but a study of the equity investment ecosystem rejects the premise that final investors set stock prices. What do these findings mean for behavioral finance?
The Moneyball of Quality InvestingQuality is not a separate factor, but value investing conditioned upon well-chosen quality indicators is a promising investment strategy.

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Chris Brightman on Smart Beta BasicsChris Brightman explains the basic principle of smart beta strategies—rebalancing to weights that are unrelated to stock prices.
I'd Choose Emerging Markets, Wouldn't You?There’s a lot of negativity about emerging market stocks—so it makes sense for long-term, value-oriented investors to rebalance into the asset class. Here’s why a systematically contrarian strategy like fundamentally weighted indexing might outperform.

Rob Arnott on The Glidepath Illusion​Rob Arnott explains why target-date funds fail to either maximize wealth or minimize uncertainty about future income.


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